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Welcome To ALIEN

Upon entering ALIEN you have agreed to our faction rules as they were listed when you applied. We are a crazy and unique bunch with lots of game knowledge. If you need help please feel free to speak up and we hope to see you in game!!
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Website Updates

AllorahLeigh, Jul 13, 11 4:00 PM.
Ok.. so where are we at with getting the website up and running?

1. The front page layout is done.

2. Guild Rules and Application is in place. Now when people want to join ALIEN they have to enter the basic information and agree to Guild Portal terms and conditions. From that page they are taken to a page that just lists the guild rules (the same list that is posted in the forums) and they have to agree to that as well. Once they pass this page they are taken to the application. The application questions are the same as they were in Wanted with a little different wording on some of them. If you want to see how this works log out and click Join ALIEN and enter bogus information and you can follow through until you get to the application and then go back to the home page by entering it in your browser address bar.

3. All of the Guides and Misc things we copied from Wanted are being posted in the forums. If they are reference materials they are being copied to the library. We are limited with how many forums we can have so we are going to use the Library for reference material including Links. This will take some time but we are getting there.

4. Make sure you check out all of the Tabs that are located at the top of the page. There are some really cool features in the Resource tab. It allows you to make "orders" for crafters. It also allows you to see who has what crafting skill and what lvl skill it is. The other really neat feature of that page is a "Needs" list at the bottom. This is good for things like Bosses, Delta, OHT ect. It lists the oldest need first and we can use it as a checklist to make sure everyone gets their stuff done.

5. I am still working on the widgets (boxes) and that will take time.

If you see anything or have a question please let me know and I will do my best to answer you. If you have a suggestion bring that too. I am just the vessel to make it happen, it is not all my decisions, this is OUR faction. Wanted started out this way, it's the way I've always played, and we are going to keep to the same ways we have always done things.

ALIEN Terms and Conditions

Iolanda (Ita), Jul 12, 11 10:07 AM.
Welcome To ALIEN
Here are a few key topics that you will need to know, as these make our faction a little unique in comparison to your average factions. You will be held accountable to follow and respect them whether you took the time to read them or not.

Application Process:
*Fill out an Application on our forums.
*We value our players and want to get to know each one on a personal level.
*If you are a glory seeker and only want to TAKE from the faction without giving back, please do not waste our time and apply.
You may download it here: 
* We do not require you to talk on GSC but you must have it to listen.
*If for any reason you cannot get GSC, other than PC compatibility or a hearing impairment, we are sorry but you will not be accepted into the guild.
*Once you have applied to the forums please let an officer know so your application can be reviewed and either accepted or denied. Once accepted or denied you will receive an email with explanation of denial OR acceptance with unlock instructions for access to the forums. This must be completed within three days of joining. Forums should be accessed at least once a week to keep you informed of activities within the faction and for voting purposes.

Two Week Probation
*Each new recruit is on a two week trial and during that time they are not a full member
*You will not be able to withdraw or deposit from the guild bank
*You will not be paid for any TW you participate in
*You MUST get Vent and access the website within THREE DAYS of joining the faction.

Age and Maturity:
*We accept all ages
* If ANYONE, minor or otherwise, feels disrespected or harassed in ANY way please take a screen shot and send it to the guild Leader, Director and/or Marshals so the situation can be rectified.
*If you are a minor and have the above issue, it is your responsibility to tell an adult in your real life.
*Do not lie about your age, we will find out... we always do.
*If any illegal minor/adult solicitation occurs ingame anyone in the faction has the right to turn it in to the proper authorities.
*We are a family and look out for one another as well as try to provide a safe and fun environment of gameplay for all players.

3 Strike Rule:
*If the officers are made aware of 3 incidents involving you disrespecting others, representing the faction badly, and/or causing drama in general you will be booted.
*If there is less than 3 incidents and the officers are alerted there is an issue, all parties involved will be mediated via PMs, forum PMs or a meeting in ventrilo
*If the officers are alerted to an issue they deem severely harmful to the faction and other members they reserve the right to bypass the 3 strike rule for the best interest of all of the Wanted members.
*Screenshot any conflict interactions.

ALIEN Officer Positions:
*Officers in ALIEN are held to a higher standard than commissioners. They are expected to be knowledgable about both the faction and the game.
*Officers are your first line of defense in conflict. Please feel free to PM at anytime if you feel you need assistance with conflict.
*Officers have many duties; managing the website, planning TWs, managing banks, managing herbs and pots for tw, fund raising, and organizing faction events. In addition to these duties, they try to squeeze in a bit of time to work on their own characters. Officers are not here to run your runs, but will assist in helping you find help. Of course officers like to help with runs and will whenever possible.
*Having an officer title does not give anyone the right to abuse their title and treat others disrespectfully. If you see this occuring please let another officer know so it can be handled accordingly.
*Having an officer title above your head should make you aware that you are representing all of us all the time and you will be held accountable for your actions, good and bad.

Conflict Resolution/World Chat:
*If you are having an issue with another member in the faction please bring it to the attention of an officer, resolve it in private or stay the hell away from each other. Petty arguements should be resolved quietly.
*Do not spam faction chat with petty arguments. There is a whole faction who doesn't want to hear about your personal issues and are trying to get tasks accomplished and cannot do so when a "scuffle" is being aired out in faction chat
*We STRONGLY prefer you stay out of World Chat with negative comments and quips with the regular world chat trolls. Be the bigger person and ignore them.
*Fighting in world chat not only makes you look like an idiot but it also reflects badly on the faction as a whole. People take note of who is in what faction and have no problems contacting officers in that faction to get you to stay off world chat.

MVP Titles:
*We have additional titles in game as the game only allows a specific number of officer titles to be handed out and due to RL commitments that hinder carrying out officer jobs such as recruiting.
*Members of MVP title have access to all officer discussions and are encouraged to give their opinions.
*MVP's are given to those who would have a title but have other RL commitments that prevent them from being able to be ingame as much as they would like.
*MVP's can regain there rank titles ingame should their RL allow and there are open spots.
*Other than ingame "add member to faction" these are officers and should be given the same respect as those carrying a title.

Forums Participation:
*FORUM participation is a REQUIREMENT*
*We have forums for a reason: to keep all members updated on what's going on in the faction. We expect you to use them as we may not be available ingame to answer all questions all the time.
*We expect you to be active on the forums. It is your responsibility to check the forums EVERY 7 days. This does not mean you must post every 7 days but you are expected to log in and keep current with faction events.
*In the Members section of the website your log in history is tracked by the website telling how long since your last log in to the website. This will now be tracked by the Leader, Director and Marshals of ALIEN.
*If you have not logged in within 7 days you will receive an automatic email stating your inactivity on the forums. The email notification from the site will automatically render your account inactive. If you do not respond to the inactivity email within 30 days the site will automatically boot you.
*The 7 day rule doesn't apply if you have placed a message in the MIA/AFK section on the forum or alerted an officer beforehand.


* If something comes up and you are not able to be online for a while please let us know. We have created a thread specifically for this purpose.
*If you will be gone more than TWO WEEKS and you will be inactive in forums as well as the game, you will need to update your AFK post as to your status update. If you do not, you will be in danger of being booted.
* We understand everyone has a RL and just need to be informed to hold your slot in the faction and not to marked as an INACTIVE.
* There is an entire forum dedicated to posting your AFK/MIA status.
* We have a section for AFK in the roster, please advise when you are back so we can put you back to your regular status and permissions on the website. Notification will protect you from possible booting for inactivity.

ALIEN's Bank:
*We have faction banks that we allow members to donate and take from.
*We encourage people to ask to see if there is anything you need or want. If there is..we are happy to lend but please hand it back, fully repaired, when you are done for other members to use in the future. The only exception are mats, TT or otherwise.
*Members still on the two week trial will not be allowed to donate or withdraw from the bank until they are official commissioners.
*The only items held in the faction bank are molds, TT armor/weapon mats, faction event prizes and herbs for TW.
*There are 8 different banks and all of them are in the faction labled with the title BANK. Please check the list to see which bank fits your donation before sending. Mail donations whenever possible. If you have multiple (talking more than 4-5 items here) donations please see a Marshal or higher to trade to the banks instead of mailing each piece.

Tavern/Social Forums:
*Please feel free to post jokes or other RL topics for others to enjoy.. we love funny jokes.

Faction Events:
* The faction sponsors many events in addition to ingame events. Please check the Event Calendar for upcoming faction events.
* All events you participate in offer rewards for the winners, so PARTICIPATE!

FB/BH/TT & Other Dungeons:
*We have a good number of members at each lvl. Please try to find groups of your lvl to squad with for these events.
*Higher lvl's do frequently help in these events BUT they can't always be helping as they are trying to do their stuff and lvl too.
*We all do this out of courtesy and respect for each other. Please do not abuse it or take it for granted.
*70% of the time you will not need to seek a PUG to complete your quest.

*Your tabs, your drops
*Your wines, your drops
*If you specify prior to the run you would like to split it different then please work that out PRIOR to the run.

TT Loot Distribution:

*Each TT squad can determine their own distribution but we have come up with what we think is a fair system of distribution.
*Please see the following guideline to our TT Loot best solution for distribution: TT Loot Distribution

Territory Wars
We are a faction that goes to TW. And we are known for our team work. Thats what makes us stronger than others. We do not make TW manditory but encourage everyone to participate. Most of the high level players help the lower levels in hopes that you will return the favor by helping the faction in TW. TW will be listed on the Events Calendar and you will be able to sign up there. TW pay is based upon level encouraging growth within ALIEN. The first cut will go to the faction to support future war bidding, then the remaining percentage will then be shared within the faction based upon level and participation. So if you want to participate in TWs, there are some guidlines you need to follow and most information can be found in the following two sections:

You are welcome to look around & participate in this site throughout your trial period with same freedom as commissioners & we hope your stay will be an extended one.
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